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Responsivie design

Perfect website on all devices

These days, over 40% of the internet audience is using mobile phones and tablets. For us, and for everyone, it is important that your new website looks great & works on all devices.

Audience analytics

Know how many visitors you have

Understanding where your audience come from, and how they would get to know about your website is important. We will make sure all audience data is accessible to you.


Strategically increases traffic and conversion

No matter  what you wish to accomplish with your new site, you need some sort of marketing. We can help you set up facebook page, paid advertisement and take care of search enginge omptimalization (Google).


Let you visitors like, follow & share your project

Do you already have fancy facebook & other social media page? We will make you proud to share your new website on your facebook page, and vice versa.

multilingual websites

Planning on having international audience? 

We can help you to establish multilingual presence online, to any language, however keep in mind most of the translations must be provided by client – you.  It is important that for every language we set keywords aswell, so your traffic can blossom.



1, 2, 3 and loaded!

Imagine you have to wait more than couple seconds to get side loaded? No! You would exit, so would your new visitors. It is important that page is loaded almost instantly. We optimalize size and resolutions of images, set up cache memories and set proper web hosting, and much more.



you know your business best, but we can provide some text & keywords too

Copywriting is very important, not only beacuse it convices people to buy or use your service, but also for google – keywords. Good copywriting not only sells your product, but also make people find you on search enginges.


makes your website online

Choosing right hosting is very importantIt might seem insignificant, but hosting affects many ascpets of your site, like: Amout of e-mails you can set up, loading speed of your site, especialy internationaly. Are you expecting European audience? European hosting might be more fit for you than you realize.

e-mail setup

We can help you set up e-mail adresses for your domain name, aswell as assist you to set it up for Outlook, Thunderbird or even G-mail client.



Anti-spam, anti virus & secure payments

It is quite common that some kind of “robots” try to automaticaly access your site, and try to cause harm. How? Usualy it is advertising on your articles and contact forms with link to their “services”, but damage can be even worse than that.

Optional Services

Monthly website maintenance

Regular updates of content and plugins, monthly reports

Feel free to purchase our maintenance packages aswell. We can do minor tweaks, release new content like articles, videos, offers etc. Highly recommended for e-Stores to keep up audience.

monthly social media managment

Regular posts, articles and new audience

We can help you to release valid content to all your followers, on time. How does 4 paid-traffic and 2 regular posts per month sound? We can create the idea of content together, and we will set it to life.

graphic&print design

Image managment, logos, videos and print files

We can design logo, business cards, brochures, print paper and more. We can aswell help you to re-create your current logotype and entire graphic identity, if agreed upon.

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